Lumiar - New Fribourg - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The RANCHO ELDORADO RANCH, located in a valley of the Atlantic, with more than 300,000 meters of green area, with fresh mountain air and mineral water analyzed in DNPM has preserved flora and fauna, as well as differentiated service with attention and warmth Jair of their owners, Giovanni, Patricia and Regina Gobbi.

With only 04 Romantic Cottages / Bungalows, Hydro double Jacuzzi with chromotherapy, szpuma bath, king bed, fireplace, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV / DVD / CD, intercom, balcony with hammock

The cuisine is supported by the Visual Artist and owner, Regina Gobbi, which serves a delicious breakfast colonial (from 8:00 pm to 12:00 pm, for the guest to sleep without the concern of waking up early)...

Regina Gobbi - Abstract Expressionism. Paintings on canvas, vibrant colors with touches of spiritual and emotional energy., Using natural pigments from the mountains of Ouro Preto - MG. Exhibition and sale of paintings

It's singing and taking care of body, psyche, the power to awaken to a new consciousness that will change the direction of our values ​​..


Eco, this Valley of the Atlantic, have minimal interference on the ground and maximum preservation of local flora and fauna. Trails, swimming pool with mineral water, steam sauna, lake with fishing and pedal boats, horses, games room, cinema (over 1500 DVD's), Craft, and waterfalls and Jeeptour

This is the place for unforgettable celebrations, such as honeymoon, birthdays, gatherings, etc. .. With unique and differentiated services to meet the dreams of his guests!.,, The Chapel of Our Lady of Peace, Meditation and Spirituality invites will!

Giovanni and CHIHUAHUAS (selling puppies) - is an exotic dog by its size (it is the smallest dog in the world). From Egypt, the breed has spread to the island of Malta and thence to Mexico, the United States today has the best specimens of the world!

An ideal place for those seeking peace, contact with nature without giving up the comfortable chalets / bungalows, which provide a romantic and unforgettable stay!

Phone for reservations: (21) 2522-4918 (21) 9995-2876 (22) 2542-9504 (21) 9999-6877